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   LMFTs Remind Californians That Healthy Minds Matter
   There are more than 200 classifications of mental health
   disorders, and 1 in 5 Californians will experience some form
   of a mental disorder during their lifetime. To mitigate
   debilitating impact of mental illness, the California
   Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
   reminds Californians to recognize any warning signs or
   marked personality changes that may lead to serious
   health conditions.

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   Supreme Court ruling affirms CAMFT's
   endorsement of marriage equality

   and long-standing position against discrimination
   on the basis  of sexual orientation and/or marital
   status. We recognize, support, and honor all
   configurations of marriages and families.
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                  Join is an active electronic directory of licensed
   mental health professionals that is user friendly and aids the general
   public in seeking professional assistance.


How to Choose a Therapist
 The process of finding a therapist doesn't have to be anxiety  producing. Sharon Duffy, MA, LMFT, offers a list of items to  get the selection procession started in helping you reach your  therapeutic goals.    

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