Your Mental Health Matters

In today's fast-paced and increasingly interconnected world, the strains on our psychological and social well-being can seem overwhelming. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or addictive disorders can threaten our happiness and disrupt our social lives, careers, and relationships with family and friends.

Talk therapy with a qualified Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) can bring about a healthier, more positive, more fulfilled life for you and your loved ones. MFTs are relationship experts who are trained to work with individuals, couples (whether married or not), families of all types, and groups to relieve mental, emotional, and relational concerns.

You have the desire for change. A therapist can guide you on your journey toward personal growth and a more satisfying life. You owe it to yourself. Your mental health matters.



People turn to substances and/or behaviors to escape or distract themselves from pain. Not all of these are unhealthy or problematic but when they get in the way of relationships, work or enjoyment in life, they can become increasingly distressing.  READ MORE




Maintaining relationships – new or old – can be challenging, but there is room for healthy, happy living regardless of where you are in your relationship. READ MORE
Raising Healthy Kids


Making a commitment to understand the components that influence your children's well-being, ensures the success and happiness of their future.   Parents may run into various unplanned challenges, whether it be mental health issues, family transitions, mood disorders, sexuality, loss, and more.  READ MORE



Trauma is an event that elicits a strong emotional response to the experience, such as an accident, assault, natural disaster, violence or long-term abuse. It can leave you feeling shocked, overwhelmed, disoriented and hopeless. READ MORE


Stress, anxiety, depression, panic disorder and other behavioral health issues are difficult to manage without making lifestyle changes. And they are not uncommon. READ MORE



Maintaining Wellness


it is important to maintain wellness amidst the increasing levels of stress in order to pursue a healthy life. When you neglect your well-being, it not only affects you, but the people and relationships around you. READ MORE

Featured Therapist 

Donna J. Shanahan M.A.

Donna J. Shanahan, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
Pasadena, CA 91101

I am a Marriage and Family therapist in private practice. I work with individuals, couples, and families in short and long-term psychotherapy. We work together to explore memories of the relational dynamics of the individual’s family, the feelings those dynamics created for the individual as a child, and how the individual now relates to those feelings and memories.

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